The District of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today we’re celebrating the love and kindness that we see all over the District. Our gallery of photos includes classic kisses, romantic pairings, friendship bonds, parent/child love, and lots of animal cuteness. The Kiss Love at all ages The formalities of love We love our animals Pairing up The Parent/Child Bond Here’s… Continue reading

Speaking for the Trees of New Hampshire Ave.

DC’s street trees help absorb carbon, improve air and water quality, provide shade, reduce air conditioning costs, block winter winds and can reduce heating costs, and, some argue, offer psychological and aesthetic benefits as well. More than a third of DC is covered by tree canopy, including about 145,000 street trees. Here are a few that I’m lucky to see… Continue reading

The Tweets of Pennsylvania Avenue

Tweets dominate politics these days, but there was also a day a few years ago when tweets literally dominated Pennsylvania Avenue.

The tweets were printed down Pennsylvania Avenue during the night of May 17, 2012, and remained during most of the next day. Most people walked and drove by the tweets with no idea of why they were there.