The Year in Photos

What can we say about 2020 that hasn’t already been said? It was a frightening and devastating year, and a time of reckoning. And yet, there were also moments of victory, peace, and quiet beauty. Twenty-one local photographers help us tell 2020’s story. Christopher Buoscio (Flickr; website) Bob Connolly (IG: bc_nola) Ben Eisendrath (IG: insomnigraphic)George… Continue reading

OnRaé LaTeal’s Freedom Songs

Music producer and videographer OnRaé LaTeal remixes freedom songs and liberation chants to inspire action in the movement for Black lives. In August, LaTeal brought dancers to Black Lives Matter Plaza to make the video Freedomside. LaTeal told us how she turned Freedomside into a fight song for the movement: “The Freedomside chant was initially… Continue reading