Cedar Hill on July 4th

Fireworks and concerts on the mall and neighborhood fireworks displays are annual traditions in Washington, DC but there is another tradition that acknowledges that independence was not accorded to all citizens on the July 4, 1776. Each year before the current pandemic one at the Frederick Douglass’ Cedar Hill home in Anacostia, there is a program that includes the reading of Douglass’ speech “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?”

Photographing while social distancing, part 4

Isolation presents a challenge for photographers. We are distant from many of the people who inspire us, or who are often the subjects of our photos. Faces are masked. The streets seem sparse, unfamiliar, or even otherworldly. But this isolation also presents opportunities to view our neighborhoods in new ways, experiment with different styles or… Continue reading

Masks are the new normal

It has been nine weeks since SARS-CoV-2 created sweeping changes to daily life throughout D.C., with a stay-home order that limited activity outside the home and recommendations to physically distance from people outside your quarantine pod. During that nine-week eternity, masks have been recommended, advised, required to enter a business establishment, or not required at… Continue reading

Photographing while social distancing, part 3

It has been nearly a month since the governments of DC, Maryland, and Virginia issued stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus, and area photographers are doing their best to capture moments within the constraints of the “new normal.” Some take a photojournalistic approach: showing the masked faces, deserted streets, and empty shelves that were once… Continue reading

Your Photos at a Distance

We asked local photographers to share their depictions of the DMV in our time of social distancing. Their tactics for taking photos under the current constraints were clever: some took pictures from their cars or balconies, while others captured moments from a safe distance with long lenses. But even better than their social distance strategies… Continue reading