Little Free Libraries

Little Free Libraries are a great concept – take a book or leave a book at any time. In many areas of D.C., you’ll find a box within a couple of blocks, in all kinds of designs.

One of our favorites is this box featuring Legos protesting at the Supreme Court:

Using the D.C. flag is a nice touch:

Boxes show a wide variety of styles:


For the ambitious, a single box is not enough, so they’ve constructed double-wide or two-story boxes.


A number of organizations have put Little Free Libraries in front of their buildings.

American Historical Association:

Embassy of Latvia:


While not part of the Little Free Library project, a number of people have put up boxes expanding on the idea, like these “little free art boxes”

Where to find them

There are more than 50,000 Little Free Libraries in the U.S. No idea how many are in D.C., but there are a lot. The Little Free Library site has a world map of the libraries – here’s part of that map showing the libraries in an area of Capitol Hill.

Little Free Library, started in 2009, is a non-profit with the mission of increasing literacy, access to books, and building a community feeling. Anyone can start and register a library.

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