New Year’s resolutions

If you have made resolutions or need inspiration for this coming year, here are some scenes around D.C. that may help inspire you to keep your resolutions.

Resolution: exercise more

Get inspired by exercising around the monuments:

Steps behind the Lincoln Memorial. ©Rob Klug
Lincoln Memorial. ©Victoria Pickering
©Miki Jourdan

Join a local team:

©Rob Klug

Resolution: eat healthy food

Go to a farmer’s market:

Dupont Circle market ©Angela N.

Go to an historic D.C. market:

Eastern Market ©Angela N.

Go to the fish market at The Wharf:

©Victoria Pickering

Resolution: read more

Get inspired by the books and architecture at MLK Library, the main D.C. library:

©Angela N.

Go to the ultimate place for books – the reading room at the Library of Congress

©Victoria Pickering

Go to a reading:

©Miki Jourdan

Resolution: volunteer more

Volunteers for the Honor Flights, showing veterans around the memorials ©Miki Jourdan
Volunteers for the National Park Service ©Angela N,

Resolution: make new friends

©Rob Klug

Resolution: start yoga or meditation

Lots of places to find inspiring views around the city:

©Rob Klug
Tandem yoga on the Mall. ©Miki Jourdan

Resolution: share more

©Rob Klug

Resolution: drink responsibly

©Rob Klug

Resolution: Dance!

Go to Malcolm X Park any Sunday:

©Rob Klug

Tango at Freedom Plaza:

©Victoria Pickering

Dance at a festival:

©Miki Jourdan

Resolution: develop better sleep habits

©Rob Klug

Resolution: learn to play an instrument

@thatsaxophoneguy ©Rob Klug

Resolution: search for joy

Look for little pops of joy throughout the city:

©Miki Jourdan

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