Back to the Moon!

Astronauts have not gone to the moon in more than 50 years. This will change in late 2024, when the Artemis II mission will send four astronauts to the moon. One of our editors, Rob Klug, got to meet the selected astronauts at the Air and Space Museum last week.

The four astronauts that will fly on the Artemis II mission:

Reid Weisman, Victor Glover, Christina Koch, and Jeremy Hansen

Read more about them on the NASA site.

Victor Glover. ©Rob Klug
Christina Koch. ©Rob Klug
Jeremy Hansen. ©Rob Klug

Here’s the NASA video about the astronauts:

There’s so much to see at the museum

To get even more excited about the moon expedition, the Destination Moon exhibit features both past and future iconic items of the moon explorations. If you don’t see it in person, here’s the virtual tour.

Everywhere you look in the museum, there is something fascinating:

Lunar Module LM-2 ©Victoria Pickering
©Angela N.
©Angela N.
©Angela N.
Bell X-1 ©Victoria Pickering
©Angela N.
©Angela N.
©Angela N.
©Miki Jourdan
©Victoria Pickering
©Angela N.

Many thanks to Thalia Patrinos, Communications Strategist at NASA, for the chance to meet the astronauts.

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  1. Angela, Miki & Victoria –

    What a wonderful group of photos! I spent the lion’s share of my professional career working at NASA Headquarters, and these images gave me goosebumps. You really caught the flavor and excitement of space exploration. Thanks,


    1. Thanks so much, Jeff – must have been amazing to work at NASA.

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