2023 So Far…

We asked photographers from the DMV to send in some of their favorite images from this year so far and we were impressed by the variety of what they shared. They captured portraits and protests, sunsets and abandoned buildings, furry creatures, kites, and of course, cherry blossoms.

Rodney D. Cunningham

(IG: @rodneydcunningham)
I took this picture on The Wharf in DC. I choose to believe that this woman was using a moment of quiet reflection to center herself in a world that often seems full of chaos.

©Rodney D. Cunningham

I took this picture on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale. I choose to believe that this man was using a moment of quiet reflection to center himself in a world that often seems full of chaos.

©Rodney D. Cunningham

Guayi Fernandez 

(IG: guayilandia; website)
These two photos represent the rebirth of the city after the winter, nature is reborn and people are out to enjoy the streets, to retake them after long months of absence. This special place is an important part of my neighborhood and what it means to me to be a Washingtonian. 

©Guayi Fernandez
©Guayi Fernandez

Joe Flood

(IG: joeflood; Website)
Ideal weather for being outside, like these two enjoying car-free 20th Street by Dupont Circle.

20th St. ©Joe Flood

I have the tulip mania, driven mad by the profusion of tulips everywhere. The Smithsonian Castle makes a perfect backdrop for the flowers.

Castle Tulips. ©Joe Flood

Makeeya Hazelton

(IG: hazelnutmea)
I had the chance to celebrate Women’s History month in March by attending my friend Angela’s photo lab session at the Apple Carnegie Library on capturing candid moments. Angela guided us in an exercise to take some images within and around the Carnegie Library with a few principals she gave as guidance. This was one of the images I took during that exercise. The lighting in the Library was amazing and lent itself well to this candid moment.

©Makeeya Hazelton

This image represents a morning moment of calm amongst the cherry blossoms after the hoards of crowds the day before. I enjoyed the blossom snow, the morning light, and the beauty of the Tidal Basin.

©Makeeya Hazelton

Roland Johnson

(IG: millibenthic)
I’ve gotten interested in long exposure photography, especially with the ND filter I got in late 2022.  

Ghostly at Gallery Place / Chinatown. ©Roland Johnson

Gloria Jones

(IG: glo.is.me)
In 2023, it seems as though I have been mostly photographing nature’s beauty. I photographed the cherry blossoms during peak bloom and the evening’s sun this particular evening while out walking along the C&O Canal.

©Gloria Jones
©Gloria Jones

Miki Jourdan

(IG: mikijourdan; Flickr)
Duckling season at Constitution Gardens is one of my favorite times of year.

©Miki Jourdan

In February, my wife and I took our first true vacation since the pandemic began, flying to California. At the San Diego Zoo, we encountered this mandrill. According to one article, the bared-teeth displays occur mostly “in positive interactions, in which case they could advertise the sender’s peaceful intentions.” We came in peace as well.

©Miki Jourdan

Erick Kaine

(IG: ekaine)
Both photos don’t necessarily have captions except for travelogue. I’ve been trying to document my life while traveling by capturing any and all things that catch my eye. Looking beyond what most of us ignore in our busy travel and work days.

©Erick Kaine
©Erick Kaine

Rob Klug

(IG: osoikame)
The return of the wood ducks and the drum circle mark the beginning of spring and summertime fun in D.C.

©Rob Klug
©Rob Klug

Kemoy Liburd-Chow

Inhaling the fragrance and healing of nature. Simple pleasures.

©Kemoy Liburd-Chow

Sunset life! The warm golden sun perched beautifully over the Caribbean Sea. It has been a while since I visited the Caribbean, my home, and simple delights like this sunset and the beach brought so much peace. A reminder of how nature is so awe-some and we should be guardians of our planet.

©Kemoy Liburd-Chow

Chris Marcum

(IG: csmarcum)
This is an unexpectedly violent thunderstorm over the James Island Maryland State Park on Thursday, April 6th. I took this photo while camping with my son during spring break.

©Chris Marcum

On April 13th, 2023, Vice President Harris welcomed veterans and lead ceremonies to celebrate the Wounded Warriors Project ride at the White House.

©Chris Marcum

Angela N.

(IG: angelaon; Flickr)
The National Zoo’s newly renovated Bird House and the American Trail’s new Andean bear cuts have been keeping me busy!!

©Angela N.
©Angela N.

Van Ngo

Between the change in year, my shutter finger still loves derelict buildings and homes. That will explain snapshot number two. However, I did get to visit family whilst on a trip to New York City. Among the lookup architectural snaps, a street vendor’s in real life call to action was too good to pass on.

©Van Ngo

Snapshot number two is of an abandoned home close to King of Prussia. It was a roadside attraction that brought many questions such as how many families have lived there prior to abandonment, how did they put up with the influx of traffic and where are they now?

©Van Ngo

Shedrick Pelt

(IG: sdotpdotmedia; website)
This image marks the return to warmer weather and posi vibes for the DMV. My daily canvassing of the city is filled with these select, inspiring, one-off moments of culture and history.

©Shedrick Pelt

Victoria Pickering

(IG: @vpickering, Flickr)

With the on-going political and legal turmoil of this era, one of my favorite places to take photos is on the plaza of the Supreme Court, where many different viewpoints are represented.

Senator Bernie Sanders ©Victoria Pickering
©Victoria Pickering

Mark Schneider

(IG: markschneiderphoto)
I shot these with Ektachrome medium format film. I decided to try something different this year instead of shooting digitally. I like how slide film renders colors and gives a slight vintage look.

©Mark Schneider
©Mark Schneider

Elizabeth Starkey

Orchids from 2/19/23 at the U.S. Botanic Gardens.

©Elizabeth Starkey

My trusty kite flying at the National Kite Festival on 3/26/23.

©Elizabeth Starkey

Rimma Tsyhichko

[Editor’s note: Rimma is a reader of this blog from Ukraine.]
(Viewbug profile)
I think it was the most incredible sunset l have ever seen in Western Ukraine.

©Rimma Tsyhichko

This cat is my member and l am very grateful to him for being so patient model.

©Rimma Tsyhichko

Jeff Vincent

(IG: jeff.vers2.0; Flickr)
My wife and I took a month-long road trip to the Southwest beginning in late February. The scenery was fabulous and the weather was all over the place, as can be seen in these two photos: The Rio Grande River running along the Mexican border in Big Bend National Park, TX (80 degrees that day); and four feet of snow almost covering fence posts at Cumbres Pass (10,063 feet) in southern Colorado.

©Jeff Vincent
©Jeff Vincent

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  1. I absolutely loved the variety of images shared by photographers from the DMV. The cherry blossom photos were breathtaking, and the abandoned building photos had a haunting beauty to them. My question is, what sparked your interest in long exposure photography, Roland? Was there a particular moment or image that inspired you?

    MR. W


    1. I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to reply! My first response didn’t take and I kept thinking I answered, but I had forgotten to…
      I first noticed long exposure when I was a kid, in an issue of National Geographic.; light paintings of 18-wheelers traveling about.
      I’ve wanted to get some of those cottony waterfall and other landscape photos, and I also like building people into shots of stationary objects, such as the cherry blossom blossoms. It’s hard to get good shots of the trees alone, so the people way as well be part of the art…
      I also like how abstract the movement and stillness of people can be, the challenge of capturing an interest image of stillness, motion, color, sharpness and blur, such groups.

  2. What a talented, interesting and diverse community of photographers! I feel very fortunate robe included. Thanks to The Uncommon District for uniting us in this way.

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