Porchfests are a great concept – a free way to hear lots of bands playing on porches and stoops around a neighborhood. The most recent one was last Saturday in Adams Morgan, with 70 bands playing at 17 locations throughout the afternoon.

Julie Outrage ©Miki Jourdan
©Rob Klug
Careless Flight ©Miki Jourdan
©Rob Klug
©Rob Klug
Frankojazz ©Miki Jourdan
Bryce Bowyn. ©Miki Jourdan
©Rob Klug
Best Machine. ©Miki Jourdan
Safety Bear ©Miki Jourdan
©Rob Klug
©Rob Klug

Back in the early days

The Porchfest concept began in Ithaca in 2007. The first Porchfest in the D.C. area was in Takoma Park in 2013, and then the concept spread a few months later to Adams Morgan, and years after that to Rhode Island Avenue, Petworth, and Southeast, becoming larger and more popular in each neighborhood each year.

The first big Porchfest we remember seeing was the 2015 Adams Morgan Porchfest, which drew estimated crowds of 5,000 – a fraction of the crowds that came to Adams Morgan Porchfest this year.

The Brass Connection ©Victoria Pickering
Bagpipes at the fire station ©Angela N.
Atoms Apart ©Angela N.
Mute Benders ©Angela N.
Rube ©Angela N.
©Angela N.

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