Earth Day 2022

Today is Earth Day – a day to both mourn the state of the earth and to re-dedicate efforts to preserve it. Even in the city limits of D.C., there is so much nature that we treasure. If we were to give out awards to our favorites, here’s what we’d pick for D.C.

Award-winning birds

Best Traditional

Bald eagle, Rock Creek Park. ©Rob Klug

Best Newcomer

Snowy owl, Union Station. ©Angela N.


Cormorant, Constitution Gardens. ©Miki Jourdan

Best city bird

©Victoria Pickering

Best at catching fish

©Miki Jourdan

Best landing

©Miki Jourdan


©Rob Klug

Most romantic couple

Rock Creek Park. ©Rob Klug


©Rob Klug

Best posing as an angel

©Rob Klug

Best synchronized flying

©Miki Jourdan

Award-winning animals

Best adapted to city life

©Angela N.


Rock Creek Park ©Rob Klug


©Rob Klug


©Miki Jourdan

Best costume design

©Miki Jourdan

Award-winning insects


©Rob Klug

Best at balancing

Dragonfly at Kenilworth. ©Miki Jourdan


Smithsonian Gardens. ©Miki Jourdan

Best stunt flyer

©Victoria Pickering

Best limited appearance

©Victoria Pickering

Award-winning natural spots

Best in-town nature

Constitution Gardens

©Miki Jourdan

Most comprehensive

National Arboretum

©Rob Klug

Most Primeval

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

©Victoria Pickering

Best Sprawling Woodland

Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park. ©Rob Klug

Most overlooked

Tregaron Conservancy

©Rob Klug

Award-winning trees

Best traditional tree

Lafayette Square ©Angela N.

Best colorful tree

©Angela N.

Most beloved

Tree known as “Stumpy” at the Tidal Basin. ©Victoria Pickering

Award-winning flowers

Best classic flower

Cherry blossoms

©Victoria Pickering



Lotus, Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. ©Miki Jourdan

Best field of flowers

Buttercups in Rock Creek Park

©Rob Klug

Award-winning climate activists

Best series of protests

Jane Fonda – Fire Drill Fridays (2019-2020)

©Victoria Pickering

Best youth activist group

Fridays for Future

Lafayette Square across from the White House. ©Victoria Pickering

Best Individual Activist

Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg at a press conference in front of the Supreme Court, 2019. ©Victoria Pickering

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  1. What a beautiful collection of photos! Hats off to all of the contributors. And I loved the categories, which were fun and imaginative. Thanks.

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