Women’s History Month in Three Dimensions

For Women’s History Month, the Smithsonian has on display #IfThenSheCan – The Exhibit, a collection of 120 life-size 3D-printed statues of STEM scientists, innovators, and role models.

©Elizabeth Starkey. @mypinterestlife on Instagram.

The exhibit opened last weekend, with all of the statues clustered around Enid Haupt Garden, the Arts & Industries Building, and the Smithsonian Castle. Starting this week, some of the statues have been moved to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History and the National Air and Space Museum.

©Miki Jourdan

During opening weekend, many of the actual scientists represented by the statues were on hand to talk about their work and answer questions from the next generation of STEM researchers. Neuroscientist Lataisia Jones engaged kids in a game of Simon Says, explaining that it is the brain that allows us to interpret the commands and play the game. Note that her statue holds a brain in its hand.

Dr. Lataisia Jones, a.k.a. Dr. Tay. ©Miki Jourdan

Meanwhile, entomologist Ronda Hamm showed off one of the insects that she studies.

Dr. Ronda Hamm. ©Miki Jourdan

Biomedical engineer Ana Maria Porras explained that, while there are hundreds of varieties of bananas in the world, many of our grocery stores sell only one type — the Cavendish banana. Our food supply might be at risk if this one type of banana became diseased.

Dr. Ana Maria Porras. ©Miki Jourdan

A girl asked astrophysicist Kelly Korreck what her favorite star was. Dr. Korreck chose the sun because it is close by and can be easily studied. Her runner up was Betelgeuse.

Dr. Kelly Korreck. ©Miki Jourdan

Jordan Dahmen wears many hats and one of them is a crown. She is a Research Coordinator in the Aging & Disabilities division of Vital Research. She is also Miss Idaho USA 2022.

Jordan Dahmen. ©Miki Jourdan

Scientists from a variety of other fields were also represented.

Clockwise from top left: Computer engineer Afua Bruce; Aerospace engineer Sydney Hamilton; Restoration ecologist Kellyn LaCour-Conant; Geologist Wendy Bohon; Scientist and innovator Adele Luta; and Research ecologist Lindsey Rustad. ©Miki Jourdan

The statues will be on display through March 27th. There is also a virtual exhibit with more information on all of the scientist represented.

Support for Ukraine continues

Last week we wrote about the support for Ukraine in the first week after the invasion. There continues to be constant support in D.C. this week – including frequent rallies in front of the White House.

In front of the White House. ©Victoria Pickering
©Victoria Pickering
©Victoria Pickering
©Rob Klug

At the Russian Embassy on Wisconsin Avenue, a few demonstrators can be found there throughout the days and nights.

Nighttime protestor at the Russian Embassy. ©Victoria Pickering

Activists have put up a new street sign in front of the Russian Embassy gates.

©Victoria Pickering

The Kennedy Center is one of the latest buildings to put up blue and yellow lights, and they say that they plan to continue these lights indefinitely.

©Victoria Pickering

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