The Autumnal District

We asked local photographers to show what they’ve been seeing this fall. Amid the awfulness of the continuing pandemic, they’ve managed to see some wonderful sights:

Clif Burns

(Flickr; Clif’s website)
Some of the best fall colors in DC are not around the monuments or landmarks instead are on quiet residential streets — here 12th and T Streets, NW.

©Clif Burns

Laurie Collins

(IG: dccitygirl)
When I think of Autumn, I think of all the multicolor leaves that collect and paint nature’s reds, yellows, oranges and browns on the grass and in the streets.

©Laurie Collins
©Laurie Collins

Rodney D. Cunningham

(IG: @rodneydcunningham)
This picture is of a leaf on a car hood, a fairly common sight these days.  It’s meaningful to me because it’s a good reminder that we should always be on the lookout for examples of beauty that can be easily overlooked. 

©Rodney D. Cunningham

This is a single leaf in a pool of water which, to be honest, is fairly unremarkable.  The power of the image, though, for me, is in the contrast between the dark water and the intricate patterns that the leaf has.  It is a reminder that life is both simple (still water) and complex (intricate patterns in a leaf) and that we need both.

©Rodney D. Cunningham

Doug Duvall

(IG: maryland_route_5; Flickr)
The joy of living in DC proper is that you don’t have to drive to the Tidal Basin or Skyline Drive to see amazing cherry blossoms or fall leaf colors…it’s all in your backyard!

©Doug Duvall
©Doug Duvall

Shannon Heaton

(IG: nekosandpiper)
The Looking Glass. October at Glenstone Museum.

©Shannon Heaton

Cows or Hay Stacks? Clark’s Elioak Farm.

©Shannon Heaton

Cassandra Hetherington

(IG: cassandrahetherington)
With the approach of autumn I usually feel anxious because dreaded winter is near. This year I’m trying to enjoy the beauty of the moment.

©Cassandra Hetherington
©Cassandra Hetherington

Nini Jin

(IG: ninister_jin_njuice)
Here are some photos taken during my favorite time of the day, during golden hour. Fall-time golden hours are the best!

©Nini Jin
©Nini Jin

Gloria Jones

I love Fall because I love watching the leaves turn colors so Fall roundup for me in the DMV means fall leaves.

Annapolis Rock. ©Gloria Jones
Anacostia. ©Gloria Jones

Miki Jourdan

(IG: mikijourdan; Flickr)
One of the things that I really appreciate about Fall 2021 is that it is not Fall 2020! So many events that were cancelled last year came back this time around. These photos are from Side Yards, an annual event in Yards Park featuring amazing “sideshow” performers, including aerialists, sword swallowers, magicians, and more.

©Miki Jourdan
©Miki Jourdan

Rob Klug

(IG: @osoikame)
This fall I’ve been photographing the many creatures in my yard, both great and small.

©Rob Klug
©Rob Klug

Chris Marcum

(IG: csmarcum)
I always look forward to Autumn in the DMV. Pumpkin patch portraits, fall foliage colors, and golden light even in the middle of the shortening days make for such a great photography season.

©Chris Marcum
©Chris Marcum

Brynn McDonnell

(IG: roaming_rambling)
Pumpkin-Spice Panda Cub Xiao Qi Ji wrestles with mom mid-morning on October 16, 2021.

©Brynn McDonnell

Annie the rescued bald eagle focuses during a training session with a zookeeper among the fall colors. Taken 11/13/2021.

©Brynn McDonnell

Angela N.

(IG: angelaon; Flickr)
The National Arboretum is always scenic, but I love autumn best for cool weather strolls through brilliant colors.

©Angela N.
©Angela N.

Van Ngo

(IG: meeestermang)
When Autumn rolls around, the first thing that comes to mind is the gorgeous Fall foliage. But I didn’t have to travel very far to enjoy the chameleon hues. On a routine car service, I stumbled across a patch of greens, yellows and oranges along a fence. The out of commission Camry was also of interest.

©Van Ngo

Autumn also calls for a stroll around a neighborhood and that how I came across this humorous sticker.

©Van Ngo

Victoria Pickering

(IG: @vpickering)

Fall at Huntley Meadows:

The trees on the Washington Monument grounds are beautiful, and I love the views from the Constitution Avenue side where the trees appear to dwarf the Monument.

Rimma Tsyhichko

[Editor’s note: Rimma is a reader of this blog from far beyond the DMV — Ukraine to be precise.]

(Viewbug profile)
Here in Ukraine autumn is very beautiful. This is viburnum, one of Ukrainian symbols. It represents the soul of the nation, motherhood and love.

©Rimma Tsyhichko

Here is a place that is always beautiful in autumn. It’s not far from my apartment and I am never bored to take photos while walking there.

©Rimma Tsyhichko

Arpita Upadhyaya

(IG: arpixa; Flickr)
Lindy Point, Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia. The day started out cold, rainy and foggy, but ended with some spectacular light and color over the hills of West Virginia, replete with fall foliage.

©Arpita Upadhyaya
©Arpita Upadhyaya

Jeff Vincent

(IG: jeff.vers2.0; Flickr)
Call me old-fashioned, but I do fall for turning leaves.  My favorites are the bright reds of some maples, oaks, and sweetgums.  These two photos are from Georgetown townhouses just two blocks from each other: Olive Street (red on red) and 28th Street (red on white).  They were taken about 3 weeks apart.

©Jeff Vincent
©Jeff Vincent

Angie White

(IG: awphotos84_)
I always enjoy fall season because it is my birthday and all month you can be in a costume. Starting with Miami Caribbean Carnival, then the Renaissance Festival, Baltimore Comic Con, the D.C. High Race and finally Halloween. I love and attend all of these events in costume with my camera. Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Black Panther Muse: Aaron (IG: undergroundartfactory)

©Angie White

Pumpkin Head Muse: Christina (IG: owl_lover1997)

©Angie White

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  1. So wonderful to see so many examples of eye for composition shown here.

    Excellent submissions.

  2. Thanks for organizing this. It’s a celebration of beauty in many forms, and it will bring a smile to the faces of all who see it.

  3. My partner in photography, sadly passed away several years ago. She was a spectacular photo composer, I miss her more and more each day. I’ve put my equipment away forever!

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