Late spring at Rock Creek Park

Winding through lush woodlands and pristine meadows, Rock Creek Park is a lifeline to the wildlife which calls it home. Surrounded by busy streets and the hum of city life, the park provides an oasis that is untouched by time and is home to over 160 types of birds, 35 types of fish and 30 mammals.

During late winter the Barred Owl pairs return to their nests to prepare for their owlets, and by May the first owlets can be seen as they begin their new life out in the world.

First day out of the nest

Late spring marks the annual migration of herring traveling upstream to lay their eggs, which in turn draws a number of herons to the park in search of an easy and filling meal.

Baby squirrels, young birds and ducklings are also venturing out and exploring their new environs.

In the spring and all year long, the park is full of animals, including birds, foxes, raccoons, squirrels and deer.

As the summer heat settles in, life in the park slows down again until the cycle of life begins anew.

All photos copyright to Rob Klug

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  1. Thank you for these wonderful reminders of nature amid the stress of a crowded city.

  2. Such beautiful pictures of all the wildlife around you and perfectly captured in their habitat!!

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