Georgetown Glow

Georgetown Glow is back for its seventh year, with several light installations and guides festive with lighted balloons.

The most spectacular piece is down on the waterfront, Light Pavilion by Edwin Baruch. It’s designed to appear “as a hologram of a former structure, provoking curiosity of the past through material and light.” Looking through it offer views of the Kennedy Center or Rosslyn across the Potomac.

Kennedy Center in background
Rosslyn in background

It’s fun for children to run through, and for adults to stand back and enjoy the romantic view of the waterfront.

The Weight of a Rainbow, by Stephanie Mercedes, is a series of rainbow lights in the Georgetown Park alleyway. The lights are patterned to accompany eight LGBTQ+ voices telling their stories in song.

Madness Method by Chris Combs and David Greenfieldboyce is on the grounds of Grace Church. At first, it looks like an interesting display of 200 lanterns in a random pattern. But if you follow the markings on the pathway to the right place to stand, you’ll see it spell out the letters of a special phrase.

View of one of the letters spelling out the special phrase.

The Beginning of Everything by Nara Park is a giant replica of the Holsinger Meteorite that fell in Arizona 50,000 years ago. It’s tucked near the street underpass in a location that is designed to startle viewers when they come upon it, “a reminder that we are part of a much larger universe.”

Georgetown Glow is free every night through June 27, followed by some alleyway installations later in the summer. See the Georgetown Glow site for a map and information on the installations, and a schedule of artist talks.

Photos copyright to Victoria Pickering

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