Tweed nostalgia

There are so many major events and festivals that we are missing during the pandemic, but there are a lot of smaller events that also have brightened up the city. One of these events is the annual Tweed Ride, where flappers and dandies can be spotted riding through the city.

We reached out to local photographer Albert Ting, who has done a great job documenting the event, and his photos give a sense of how much free fun people created in D.C. before the pandemic, and hopefully soon will again.

The Tweed Ride started in 2009, co-created by Eric Channing Brewer and Holly Bass, who had heard of similar events in London and were interested in re-creating an older lifestyle for a day. The annual ride become very popular, attracting hundreds of people dressed in their finest.

And the ride fittingly ends each year with a Jazz Age after-party.

Hoping to see the annual ride resume in the near future – and thanks so much to Albert Ting for documenting an interesting part of D.C. You can see more of Albert’s work on Instagram (@pootie_ting) or on his website.

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