Aftermath of the Capitol Attack

It’s hard to find the words to describe the sorrow and fear in the aftermath of the insurrection at the Capitol, during this time between January 6th and the upcoming Inauguration.

The Capitol is under complete lockdown, with 7-foot high security fencing and National Guard along the perimeter.

Tributes to slain Officer Sicknick are nearby.

There are a few protestors and signs, but not many.

Crews are cleaning and repairing the Capitol as fast as possible.

The House and Senate office buildings and the Library of Congress are also guarded. The flags are at half-staff for Officer Sicknick.

The Supreme Court is surrounded by security fencing, the first time this has happened in recent memory.

The perimeter of security keeps expanding, as more and more trucks of fencing come. National Guard troops are everywhere.

Wishing our city and the people in it all the best through these dark times.

All photos copyright Miki Jourdan, Rob Klug, and Victoria Pickering

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  1. This is what happens when we are forced to live in the shadow os a “wanna be” dictator. Fortunately, he’ll be out of office on the 20th.

  2. Thank you for sharing these views of our nation’s Capital. It is sad to me that The Capitol and Supreme Court buildings have to be fenced in. Stay safe.

  3. I didn’t think something like this would ever happen in the US. As so many people have pointed out Democracy is fragile and this is the proof. Thanks for sharing these unprecedented and powerful photos to remind us that if we don’t unite we will fall. Let us remind each other that people are not the enemy, ideology and bad leaders are.

  4. Hurts my heart to see DC in this condition. Thanks for presenting these images at this moment in history.

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