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Frank Agbro loves music. He loves to make music, listen to music and even has his own show on WPFW. He loves music so much that he has started the “6ft Aparty” on his front porch in Mount Pleasant.

Frank and his friends have been performing on his porch on Kilbourne Place for the past 15 years as a way to help and promote local musicians. With the advent of COVID, what had been an occasional event has become a bi-weekly gathering of musicians, singers, dancers and dj’s from all over the DMV.

Dylan DelliSanti @dylan_dellisanti

Every Wednesday and Saturday brings curious onlookers, music enthusiasts, and neighbors to the corner of Killbourne and 17th to watch, dance and enjoy the sounds of live music.

Wednesday evenings focuses on the piano, with a mixture of Latin music, show tunes and gospel while Saturdays are all over the map. 

Michael Ferrell

Frank’s rules for the 6ft Aparty are simple and strictly followed. “Don’t do what I wouldn’t do on your porch” and “No political views, this is live music relief.” All musicians should maintain a safe distance and must wear a mask when not performing. Also all microphones and keyboards are wiped down with alcohol between acts. 

There is already discussion of what will become of the popular gathering in a post- COVID world and Frank’s answer is very simple “One day at a time.”

For more about Frank and his work, follow him on Instagram @frankojazz.

All photos ©Rob Klug

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  1. Wow, this is amazing. There has been nothing but bad news all around us and we need more of this type of events. Thanks for sharing the joy!

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