Happy holidays, and in memoriam

We’ve seen a lot of joy during this past year, but much more sorrow. Starting with some scenes of joy:

This year’s sorrows include two massive tragedies, the loss of young Black lives to police violence, and the pandemic.

The pandemic continues to cause unfathomable losses. There have been three illustrations in D.C. of the death totals over the past few months, and the death count is now over 300,000.

September 22nd: At the Washington Monument. Each flag represents 10 deaths.
October 25th: At the National Armory Parade Grounds. Each flag represents 1 death.
November 1st: On the Ellipse, with the White House in the background

Two historic deaths occurred this year, with John Lewis lying in state at the Capitol and Ruth Bader Ginsburg lying in repose at the Supreme Court.

Here’s hoping you find some unexpected small joys during these dark times – maybe little things like walking around Capitol Hill and happening upon this window scene:

In special memory of the loss this year of our friend and co-editor, Karen Ramsey.

All photos copyright Rob Klug, Miki Jourdan, Victoria Pickering, and Karen Ramsey

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