Jeremy Manson – an uncommon juggler

Don’t ever be afraid to be yourself

Jeremy Manson

Jeremy “SaymoSaymo” Manson and his cigar boxes are a familiar sight in D.C. He’s a regular at the drum circle in Malcolm X Park every Sunday – practicing, honing and performing his art. He also performs at clubs and venues on H street, on the Metro, at festivals throughout the year, and has even juggled on a Pepco commercial. 

Five years ago, a friend introduced Jeremy to box juggling and down the rabbit hole he went. With the help of YouTube he taught himself the art of cigar-box juggling. Not widely practiced in the United States, cigar-box juggling is popular in Japan and it was precisely the Japanese style of flowing movements rather than the more traditional stop and go movements that intrigued him and drew him closer to the art.

Personal style is an integral part to Jeremy in both his juggling life and his private life. His fashion statements make him easy to spot, typically shirtless but sporting brightly colored pants with bold prints and custom made matching cigar boxes.

To keep in shape and in proper form, Jeremy practices juggling several times a week with each practice session lasting up to four hours. His energy needs are fueled by eating a large pizza everyday! 

After a difficult 2020 in which his teaching and performing schedules were curtailed to help prevent the spread of COVID, Jeremy is hoping that his juggling life will return back to normal in 2021. His goal and hope for the new year, “I’d like to spread wonder and joy through my box juggling! And most importantly don’t ever be afraid to be yourself.”

You can see what Jeremy is currently doing on his Instagram feed.

Here’s a video of him practicing:

All photos ©Rob Klug

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  1. These photos captures the focus and energy required to be a great cigar boxes juggler! And yet, the artist makes it look easy.

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