The Lincoln Memorial – D.C.’s most uncommon playground

Where in D.C. can you find yogis, weddings, photo shoots, skateboarders, bikers, demonstrations and people working out all in one location? At the Lincoln Memorial.

It’s all about the stairs

The monument, which opened in 1922, was constructed to honor the nation’s 16th president Abraham Lincoln. Located at the western end of the reflecting pool and flanked by both the Vietnam and the Korean War memorials and with its magnificent Watergate steps leading down to the Potomac River, the monument’s location lends itself as a natural spot for walkers, bicyclists, tourists and exercisers to gather.

A perfect spot for working out

©Rob Klug

Bicyclists and skateboarders everywhere

Dancing, lounging, and having fun

Celebrating engagements, weddings, and graduations

1,2: ©Victoria Pickering, 3,4,6,7 ©Rob Klug, 5: ©Miki Jourdan

The wonderful light at sunset

Traditional events

The playful events take place in and around the traditional use of Lincoln Memorial for demonstrations and military ceremonies.

1: ©Rob Klug, 2: ©Victoria Pickering

Next time you feel like you want to connect with the world and your D.C. neighbors, head down to the Lincoln Memorial – you may even catch a glimpse of Abe himself!

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