Essential workers

We are very grateful to all the essential workers who have kept D.C. functional and safe during these difficult times. They’ve put themselves at potential risk to benefit all of us in all kinds of ways. Here are a few of them:

Leaving GW Hospital. ©Karen Ramsey
Donny, plumber on an emergency call. ©Rob Klug
Police officers responding to a call. ©Rob Klug
Women on scaffolding. ©Karen Ramsey
VRE conductor. ©Karen Ramsey
D.C. Streetcar driver. ©Rob Klug
Lincoln Memorial guard. ©Rob Klug
WMATA break. ©Karen Ramsey
Bus depot, Western Division. ©Victoria Pickering
WMATA Assist. ©Karen Ramsey

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  1. Maybe it is because your photos are of workers. Not that many masks in NW Ohio. Enjoy pics of DC.

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