The Arboretum in early spring

The Arboretum is one of the great natural treasures of D.C., and this year spring has sprung early.

The warm late-winter weather has brought a jolt of life back to the Arboretum.

While walking through the many gardens and trails, the first colors of spring are popping out everywhere. Crocuses and snowbells have pushed their way through the winter ground and underbrush to display their beautiful and hearty blooms for a few weeks.

The richly colored Miniature Irises have also made their debut.

The Asian collection with its beautiful pagoda and steep hillside trails offers some of the prettiest blossoming trees and bushes along with some wonderful views of the Anacostia River.

A variety of wildlife living in the park is also enjoying the sun and warmer days. Even the frogs in the park’s ponds have come out.

If it weren’t for the hard work of the many people like George and Rodney, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the many splendors of the park. Thank you to all the workers and volunteers that keep the Arboretum going!

You can find out more about the Arboretum on their website.

All photographs copyright to Rob Klug

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