Photography while social distancing

We’re passionate about photography and documenting the life of D.C., but want to make sure we and others keep safer through social distancing. So here’s what our editors have been creating this week under these new conditions:

Rob Klug

While the city has shut down around us, life has continued in Rock Creek Park.

The most fascinating and fun find has been a nest with four young squirrels. The squirrels are just now discovering the world around them and it’s been a joy to watch.

Both the Wood Ducks and our resident Barred Owl have made their nests and laid their eggs.

Washingtonians have also been visiting the park in much greater numbers, the mood has been upbeat and fortunately most have been very observant of social distancing.

Karen Ramsey

The way I enjoy this city that I love is by bike. The pandemic and restrictions have given a lot of down time so my photo files are better organized, the bike a bit cleaner, and my temperature checked at least once a day. Those things are not necessarily photo worthy. However, I have taken some time to bike a bit each day, stopping from time to time to snap a photo with the camera or phone, when I need to go out on supply runs or just to get some fresh air and socially distant exercise. 

While riding I have also had time to think about the changes we are experiencing. The Ofo bike is a metaphor for that. We all remember the time before they were in the city; the time when they flooded the sidewalks, streets and alleys; and now the rare sightings of one in the wild. 

These photos show some of the changes I have noticed in the past week, whether they are fleeting, permanent, or really just beginning. Masks are the new normal. Covid-19 signs are everywhere. Mobile testing units are being set up. Many metro stations or entrances are closed. 

Despite the changes and uncertainty ahead, I still see joy and beauty around us. Spring is here and there are signs of it very close, even in view outside the window or just outside the door. Here are some of the images that remind me that I need to step away from the news and breathe. 

Miki Jourdan

It’s springtime in Washington, but so many of the best places for photography are out of bounds right now. The Tidal Basin? Closed. The Mall? Still too crowded. So, I decided to beat the crowds with a visit to historic Glenwood Cemetery. Here, I could take advantage of one of the grounds’ many obelisks to pretend I was on the Mall during peak bloom.

It’s also a good spot for moody landscapes suited to my current state of mind.

Indian angel statue carved by chainsaw artist Dayton Scoggins

Victoria Pickering

I love using software, so this week I’ve been modifying some of my existing photos with software to make it look like D.C. is covered with the ocean – partly apocalyptic and partly joyous. (software plugin from Flaming Pear)

Guarding the Supreme Court
Watching the Nats victory parade by the Labor Department
The “Silver Secret Service Man” wades through the water by the White House

We’d love to see what you are doing

If you are a photographer in the DMV area, we’d love to post about what you are photographing while social distancing in the next week. So if you want to participate:

  • Take 1-3 photos of what you are able to create under social distancing
  • Submit your photos by Wednesday April 22nd, 2020.
  • Photo resolution: a minimum of 2,000 pixels on the long side.
  • Subject matter: Anything indoors or outdoors in the DMV area
  • Send your photos to
  • Please include your name, Instagram handle or other portfolio link if you want, and a caption or paragraph about the photo or why you took it.
  • We will post the photos, with credit to you, on Friday April 24th.

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