The birth and death of a mural

We’re big fans of the murals in D.C., and love seeing new ones created. Unfortunately, most murals are only temporary, and we have seen some of the best ones come and go.

You’ve likely seen this mural as a backdrop to thousands of Instagram photos, but it is vanishing this week.

©Karen Ramsey

The mural is on Ibiza, a nightclub in NoMa, which is being torn down for a new citizenM Hotel.

February 14. ©Victoria Pickering
February 19. © Victoria Pickering

This mural was created in May 2016, as part of the first Pow! Wow! D.C. festival. D.C. muralist Kelly Towles brought the Pow! Wow! concept to NoMa, organizing a festival to create multiple murals over a one-week period by both D.C. and national and international muralists. One of the artists he recruited was Hoxxoh (Douglas Hoekzema) from Miami.

Hoxxoh started out with a drab corner building and lots of paint in his bold color scheme:

©Victoria Pickering

In under a week, he created this huge mural, hand-spraying the colors in elaborate spirals.

©Karen Ramsey
©Karen Ramsey
©Victoria Pickering
©Victoria Pickering

This mural is one of Hoxxoh’s signature looks, using geometric forms to give a new view of the nature of time.

To find out more about his work, look at his website, and watch this timelapse of his process on a similar mural.

All photos copyright Karen Ramsey and Victoria Pickering

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