Memorial Day

There are monuments and memorials everywhere in D.C., but the most special memorials are when we stop to celebrate and honor those who have served.

To participate in honoring the day, come to the Memorial Day parade or go to concerts and other remembrances.

Getting ready to march in the parade

Memorial Day celebrations have been going on since after the Civil War. The original remembrances were declared by the northern General Logan in 1868, who set the date to be May 30th, deliberately picking a date that was not associated with any particular battle. The day was called Decoration Day, and was widely celebrated in northern cities and towns. Southern areas did not start to participate in memorial celebrations on that date until after World War I, when the day expanded to cover the dead from all wars and began to be called Memorial Day.

Memorial Day was not an official Federal holiday until 1971. At the same time, the Uniform Monday Holiday Act was passed, moving most holidays to Mondays, and so now Memorial Day is on the last Monday of May.

Thanks to all who have served.

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