Spring is festival season in D.C., which brings out a lot of great performances. One of our favorites is the Vava United School of Samba, which was founded four years ago to bring together “all kinds of dancers, musicians, and everybody who loves and supports the Brazilian Culture and love for Samba”.

Vava models itself after the traditional Brazilian samba school. The group includes the following elements that work together as a whole:

  • A drum corps or Bateria
  • Dancers in feathers and bikinis called Passistas
  • Baianas, women dressed in traditional blouses, skirts and head wraps
  • Male dancers called Malandros
  • The elaborately dressed Commisao de Frente, or front guard
  • A team of Frevo dancers, whose style originated in the northern Brazilian city of Recife

Follow Vava on Facebook and get into the samba spirit when they march at the Funk Parade on May 11th.

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