The Missing Parade

For the last 48 years, there’s always been a St. Patrick’s Day Parade down Constitution Avenue. But now the luck of the Irish has run out. Sadly, the cost of security, especially after the tragedy in Nice, has grown so high that the parade organizers can no longer afford to put on the parade. So here’s a look back at past parade participants and what we will be missing (at least until next year, when the parade committee hopes to fund a 50th-year parade).

It will be a sad day for the dogs who will miss marching in the parade.

And the young Irish dancers, who are full of energy on the mile-long parade route:

The traditional fire department bagpipers:

The tiny Shriner cars, always a favorite with the kids:

The police, on foot, motorcycle, and horseback:

And more sad dogs:

Most of all, it’s sad for the kids and families who have made it a tradition to enjoy the parade for so many years.

While legend has it that St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland for good, we hope that the parade in his honor won’t be banished from our town for quite that long.

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