D.C. is often portrayed as a land of monuments and politicians. We want to show you something more. These are the stories that matter to us — about the city, its people, and the lives they lead — sometimes joyous, sometimes sad, often messy, but always interesting.

A bittersweet birthday for Bei Bei

Bei Bei had a great time at his birthday party yesterday at the National Zoo, enjoying his cake made of fruits, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Bei Bei was oblivious about what turning four years old means, but the humans at his celebration were painfully aware of what happens next. Under the panda loan agreement with…

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D.C. goes to Burning Man!

We love to watch the creative artistry of fire performers, so we’re very excited that two local groups were selected for the Burning Man Fire Conclave coming up next week. Congratulations to Pyroxotic and Revolutionary Motion! See the auditions that got them into Burning Man: Revolutionary Motion: https://youtu.be/BYPmcjFWvGs Pyroxotic’s video on YouTube Pyroxotic up close:…

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The Malcolm X Drum Circle

The drum circle is an event which is truly unique to Washington DC and very dear to my heart. The drum circle draws a kaleidoscope of drummers, dancers, jugglers, acrobats and artists from all walks of life and backgrounds to it every Sunday and is really a quintessential Washington experience not to be found anywhere else.

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Tango or Salsa?

Don’t let sweltering summer evenings keep you indoors – there’s lots of dancing in D.C. that is as hot as the weather. You can find tango every summer Sunday night on Freedom Plaza – see the schedule. It’s open to everyone. And the shoes!!! While tango is intimate and sultry, maybe your tastes run more…

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Karen Ramsey – D.C. photographer and a great deal more

We were delighted that the judges chose one of Karen Ramsey’s photos as the winner of our recent Festival Project contest. We have long admired the way that Karen captures cultures and communities, both in D.C. and during her extensive time working overseas. Birds flying in formation over the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in…

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Apollo 11 Celebration

You’ve probably seen this image all over the news this week. With the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, the Air and Space Museum has been projecting Apollo 11 on the Washington Monument. If you haven’t seen it in person, it will be projected again tonight and tomorrow, along with other activities at the museum…

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